This project is made possible by the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, a state agency.

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TANguero Database for Arranging and Study (TANDAS)

(by Daniel Stein)

With the support of the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC), we are proud to kickstart our newest publication project TANDAS: TANguero Database for Arranging and Study.

The goal if this project is to establish a new standard in teaching music linked to oral tradition. In addition to information and study, editable arrangement allow for adaptations serving as a great pedagogical tool.

With the new possibilities in technologies amateurs, professionals and scholars can adapt these to their needs with immediate feedback through listening a midi playback or trying it with your own group or ensemble.

The interactive with the materials allows for quick comparison and customizing the information to your needs from a carefully edited transcription / adaptation is key to understanding elements of performance practice and reaching the next level independent of where your starting point is.

TANDAS in the Argentine tango tradition are the sets of music that are played or paired together for dancers to enjoy 10 to 12 minutes of uninterrupted music. A huge thanks to the IAC and the Tanguero Inc dedicated team to make this first tanda happen – may it be the first of many!

What is a Tanguero?

“Tanguero” refers to both tango professionals and people who are passionate about any part of tango culture, including history, music, dance, lyrics, theater. If any of these aspects describe how you feel about tango, or if you are interested in learning, these resources are for you!